Empowering Smart Buildings

Optimize your buildings costs & create a unique building experience for occupants

Improve well-being and your image

Saving > 300€/sqm/Y

Rationalize your space management

Saving > 30 €/sqm/Y

O&M optimization

Saving > 3 €/sqm/Y

About Us

Our products

BOS SpinalCore

Data Management & Apps development

OT-IT-BIM convergence for a multi-systems Digital Twin

SpinalTwin Suite

Applications for the workplace management

Monitoring / Space, Resources, Energy management

Benefits for our customers

Real estate manager

  • Flexibility in the use of space

  • Talent attraction & retention

  • Measuring and managing user experience

  • Employee wellness & productivity

  • Manage outsourced services

  • Utilities and O&M savings

Asset manager

  • Keep length of the tenant commitment

  • Optimize time to rent

  • Building ready for the sharing economy

  • Enable pay-per-use business model

  • Increase the value of the asset

  • Create your own marketplace

Developer manager

  • Service-oriented buildings, easier to sell

  • Reduce building systems integration cost

  • Data room ready for selling the asset

  • Facilitate certification compliance

  • Modern image

IT manager

  • Reduce development cost

  • Easy access to all data from the same API

  • Get contextualized data

  • Improve UX

  • Equipment’s providers agnostic

  • Data control & security

  • Improve cybersecurity

A unique technology

  • Open and scalable through APIs & SDK

  • Full web applications - responsive design

  • An API gateway to secure data exchanges

  • Convergence of the data even under a same reference frame

  • Data management & real time event management

  • Agnostic (equipment and data models)

  • Management of heterogeneous data

  • Cloud deployment or local deployment on client servers

Trusted by world-class customers

Matta Houda, Smart Building manager

Vinci Energies

"SpinalCore allows us to improve asset management decisions and better use our buildings"

Gia An NGUYEN, Head of Smart Building

CNP Assurances

"CNP Assurances has selected SpinalCom’s Building Operating System to develop its future smart platform for digital services on the basis of a multi-system digital twin management technology in real time"

Alain Despiau, Smart building Expert- IoT & Multimedia


"An intelligent, open, scalable, innovative and simple digital services platform that is easy to integrate"

Mohamed Dennoun, Project Manager


"The digital twin contextualizes all the data by making the link between the different tools (CMMS, BMS, IoT) and others"